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A few words from AudioSmile owner, Simon Ashton

"The philosophy of AudioSmile is to make things that are a little different, and of the highest quality. I don't want to design just another product, it has to be special. It means a lot to me that people get enjoyment from the things I design and build; it makes running my business worthwhile.

From a very young age I was passionate about music, and as a child spent many hours rummaging through my parents record collection in the loft to find music that was completely new to me; albums from the likes of Pink Floyd, Bee Gees, Sad Cafe, Supertramp, and of course the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. As I grew older I became more discerning of the sound quality and started to upgrade my system with every penny I had. Each upgrade in a way refreshed my music collection, because I could hear new things in all the music, and got more enjoyment from it. That same passion carried me on to study sound engineering and recording technology, which sparked my interest in how audio equipment is designed.

As I continued to study areas related to audio in greater depth, I also began to experiment with my own design ideas. I soon found myself building and modifying equipment to obtain a quality of system I could not have otherwise afforded, and sometimes because what I wanted was simply not available commercially. Nearly my entire system is now of my own design, only the CD transport is a shop bought product. That creative streak is really what has inspired AudioSmile. I've been fortunate to follow my heart and turn what I love into a business."